CLA UK Opens New Operations Platform In Poland

We are excited to announce that CLA UK have opened a new operations platform in Szczecin, Poland.

Working under the CLA UK umbrella, CLA PL will provide ongoing operational support across all our sales offices. The team will be specifically looking to provide solutions to/from Poland. We believe this will provide us with a more rounded operational offering as well as establishing a base within one of our important markets – Poland.


This will allow us to better serve our customers for both ongoing delivery lanes as well as new business opportunities. We expect to see increased levels of trailer availability in the area as well as vastly improved response times for customer enquiries and queries.


So get in touch today to find out more about our new and improved Polish operations. For any enquiries for Polish imports / exports please contact the UK office on 0116 279 0930. Or via email at as usual.

New Address 

Lednicka 6d/9